Hail to the Class of 2016!

The 2016 commencement ceremony of the School of Information took place on Friday, April 29, recognizing four graduating classes and several outstanding individual students.

Thomas A. Finholt, dean of the School of Information, introduced the commencement speaker, Wael Ghonim, as “a man whose actions embody our mission to use information with technology to build a better world.” Ghonim achieved world-wide recognition by creating the Facebook page “We Are All Khaled Said,” an action credited with helping to spark the Egyptian Revolution of 2011.

Although Ghonim’s actions have led to exile from his native country, he says, “I believe there hasn’t been a time in our history where humans were so empowered, thanks to the internet.” Despite the revolution’s short-lived success, he says, “I remain determined to challenge the status quo. I am confident that the democracy we strive for in Egypt will happen.” Continue reading