EAB board photos

From industry CEOs to the president of the United States, leaders often form advisory groups of individuals outside their organizations to provide advice and counsel. External advisers can offer perspective and fresh ideas on everything from industry trends and insight on current issues to suggesting future paths of pursuit. The External Advisory Board of the School of Information has served that function since the school’s founding in 1996.

The members of the EAB are drawn from the upper echelons of the information industry and academia. They are thought leaders on the front lines of the rapidly changing digital communication environment. Though board members have changed over the years, what they all have in common is an intense interest in the mission of the School of Information, its study and research.

Under the direction of Dean Jeff MacKie-Mason, UMSI’s voluntary board is evolving from being less of a “sounding board” to more of a working board. The board meets twice a year, once on campus in the spring, and once via teleconference in the fall. The rest of the time, board members are available as an unofficial think tank whenever the dean needs an outside perspective or advice on a particular issue. Today, the board’s responsibilities include the active review of the school’s programs and advice on curricular and research objectives, guidance and assistance in establishing UMSI as a national leader in information science and technology education, and helping the school acquire the financial resources needed to carry out its vision.

This fall, Dean MacKie-Mason announced the addition of six new members to his external advisory board. They join an already distinguished group consisting of Christine Borgman, UCLA; John Seely Brown, University of Southern California; John Evans, Evans Telecommunications; Bradley Horowitz, Google; Dean Karavite, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia; Judith Olson, University of California-Irvine; and John Szabo, Los Angeles Public Library.

The new EAB members are:

danah boyd
Senior researcher, Microsoft Research; Research Assistant Professor, New York University; Fellow, Harvard University Berkman Center for Internet and Society; Research Fellow, Born This Way Foundation; Adjunct Associate Professor, University of New South Wales

Roger Ehrenberg
Founder and Managing Partner, IA Ventures

Stu Feldman
Vice President, Engineering, Google

Matthew Forsythe
Senior Product Manager, Groupon

Jackie Cerretani Frank
Research Manager, Facebook

Pamela Samuelson
Richard M. Sherman Distinguished Professor of Law and Information, University of California at Berkeley; Director, Berkeley Center for Law & Technology

“These distinguished volunteers donate their time and advice on crucial strategic decisions,” said MacKie-Mason in announcing the newly recruited members. “Their willingness to serve is a testament to UMSI’s vitality and great potential.”

UMSI Monthly will present full profiles of the new board members, beginning in January.