Student profile: Caitlin Holman

Caitlin Holman

Caitlin Holman

Caitlin Holman (MSI ’11) enters the PhD program at UMSI this fall, continuing work she began while enrolled in the master’s program. Her tailored program of study focused on the application of choice architecture and incentive-centered design in learning technologies. She will continue her research under her advisor, Barry Fishman.

After working with Fishman’s innovative “EDUC 222: Video Games and Learning” undergraduate class, Caitlin and fellow UMSI student Scott Tsuchiyama (MSI ’12) began brainstorming ways to make the class’s game-like grading system clearer and help motivate students to stay engaged. They developed a grade visualizer application that just completed its first round of beta-testing in Fishman’s class. They hope it will be implemented in several more classes this fall.

Caitlin was a member of the UMSI team that created Lingua, an interface designed to connect language exchange partners and help them teach their respective languages to each other. Lingua was a finalist in the 2011 CHI Student Design Competition. With Kevin Champion (MSI ’11), she also developed cataLIST, a browsing system to help users discover new relevant material at the library through visualizing the connections between professors’ syllabi, which won the 2011 MLibrary iDesign competition.

She co-hosts Coffeehouse Coders, a bi-weekly event where local developers are encouraged to come and work on side projects and network, while new coders are invited to come ask questions and learn from experts.

Caitlin was raised in Newport, Rhode Island, but considers her home to be Garmisch Partenkirchen, Germany, where she attended high school. She completed her undergraduate degree in international affairs at the University of Maine.

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