MSI student profile: Nick Krabbenhoeft

Nick Krabbenhoeft

UMSI master’s student Nick Krabbenhoeft applies the principles of digital preservation in practical applications.

Nick Krabbenhoeft is an MSI student studying digital preservation. His goal is to extend the usefulness of information to new communities through preservation. To this end, he has actively sought opportunities to apply the lessons of classes like SI 625: “Digital Preservation” to practical experiences.

As part of an Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) internship at MATRIX at Michigan State University in spring 2012, Nick wrote a data management plan for Slave Biographies, an international federated database created by scholars studying the Atlantic slave trade. Federal funding agencies increasingly are expecting applicants to submit data management plans, and data professionals who understand the complexities of digital information will be able to provide invaluable assistance.

This summer, Nick completed a second IMLS internship at the Center for Research Libraries, where he created resources for repositories facing digital preservation problems. This included assembling sample documentation to illustrate the requirements of the new Trusted Digital Repository standard and evaluating commercial off-the-shelf digital preservation software like Rosetta and Preservica/Safety Deposit Box. This work helps organizations looking to bridge the gap between published standards and practical solutions.

In his second year at UMSI, Nick has taken an active role in the student chapter of the Society of American Archivists. As part of their mission to foster community connections and advocate for student professional development, he helps manage a digitization project at the student radio station WCBN. UMSI students are collaborating with staff to survey and process promotional materials produced by the station.

Before attending UMSI, Nick earned bachelor’s degrees in mathematics and art history at Indiana University and a master’s degree in Anatolian cultural heritage management at Koç University in Istanbul. He plans to continue preserving cultural heritage in museums, archives, and heritage sites with the skills he has learned at UMSI.

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